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For sending documents/goods choose the most suitable solution:


Express: next-day delivery to most addresses in Europe and Italy.


Day Express: delivery by 10:30 a.m. or, at the latest, by 12:00 p.m. the next working day to the most areas in Europe and Italy.


Express plus: delivery by 9:00 a.m. the following day to most areas in Europe and Italy.


For more information, please contact our sales department.

Delivery times may change depending on the destination.

For some extended and remote areas a surcharge may be applied (locations in extended and remote areas may change).

Transport solutions for shipments weighing more than 70 kg with to countries outside the EU.


Incoterm: door-to-door or airport stop.

Economy Express: special truck service for single and multiple shipments.


Economy Pallet: economy via truck service for pallet shipments to European countries.


For more information, please contact our sales department.

Delivery times may change depending on the destination.

For some extended and remote areas a surcharge may be applied (locations in extended and remote areas may change).

Other Services
E-COMMERCE: Do you have an e-commerce?
We are the ideal solution for your customers,

Ship your goods with our micro-logistics system!
You can manage your inventory directly online and we will manage your warehouse, pack and ship the items for you, informing your customers when the goods will arrive.


FOOD & GO: your food always fresh!
Shipments with temperature maintenance systems using isothermal boxes and refrigeration gels tested and certified for the food industry.

Flight 2000 provides pick-up and shipping services and guarantees the product preservation.

We keep your food fresh from the beginning to the end of the shipment and guarantee storage, traceability and the document management.

Flight2000 can ship food products which are not highly perishable (e.g. dry goods, canned goods, preserves, oil, chocolate, coffee, etc.). The following products are not included: milk and milk-cream based drinks, ice cream, fresh cheese (e.g. stracchino, cottage cheese), butter, fresh meat or meat products, eggs, fresh fish products, shellfish (e.g. oysters, clams).

For some countries, the Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) code is always required. This code is used for the registration and identification of economic operators participating in activities covered by the customs regulations of EU Member States.

Regardless of the value of the shipment, the code can be requested temporarily at any Customs office.

Shipments of non-EU foodstuffs are subject to customs clearance and the health regulations of the country of destination.


In this case, the foodstuffs must be duly packaged according to the characteristics of the product and must be in a reasonably limited quantity for personal use. On the invoice, it is recommended to state “Goods for personal use/consumption, not for sale”.

  • Cold chain is respected from + 0°/+ 8° C
  • Dedicated and certified packaging
  • The product preservation is guaranteed for 72 hours
  • Compliance with HACCP hygiene regulations, law 155


WINE & GO: The passion for your land, your vineyards and your wine.
The last essential step “entrust your shipment” to Flight2000. We will handle it with the same care.

You can send wine with suitable packaging and the necessary documentation. For information contact our sales department.

The newly developed Food&Go packaging protects the bottles from impact with a 50 mm EPS container, as well as providing temperature stability.

An additional cardboard box containing the EPS packaging gives even more protection and safety during transport.

Last but not least, our ICECATCH cold store which allows to a high quality product to travel all over the world at a temperature like your cellar.


SAME DAY: we connect you with your business in record time.
The transport which reduces the delivery time on the road.


IMPORT: Your shipment in one click
Booking, collection and delivery all from your PC.
Organisation, booking, collection of goods and documents worldwide.

Our software will enable you to process quotations, enter shipments and print the necessary documents. You can also monitor tracking and costs. Very easily 24 hours a day. We keep you informed at all stages of goods delivery.
We solve any unforeseen event: flight delays, changes in customs regulations or accidental damage: we will be your partner!