Unpalletized boxes up to 70 kg are accepted.
Here some advices how to pack the goods inside a box:

• The box must be rigid and in excellent condition.

• Use solid and intact packaging, with all flaps intact.

• Reused packaging is not recommended because it is less resistant. In case of re-used packaging, the old address, barcode and labels have to be removed. Also, make sure the boxes are free of holes, tears or dents.

• Avoid empty spaces: in case of overlapping packages, too padding reduces the strength of the packaging. Avoid boxes that are too large for their contents, as they risk being crushed.

• For fragile items, use smaller boxes to fit into larger boxes using padding, both inside and outside, to the smaller envelope. Otherwise use bearings with mouldable foam to protect the contents.

• Seal the external corrugated cardboard containers, applying at least three strips of adhesive tape 5 cm wide on the bottom and top of the carton.