Ecco alcuni consigli su come imballare la merce all’interno di una scatola

• Boxes should be rigid and in good condition.

• Use solid, intact packaging with all flaps intact.

• Used boxes are not recommended because they are less resistant. In case of used packaging, remove labels, bar codes and check the box has no holes or is not damaged.

• Avoid empty spaces: in case of stacked packages, padding reduces the strength of the package. Avoid boxes larger than their contents, as they can be crushed.

• In case of fragile items, use a small box and place it in a larger box, using padding both inside and outside. Or use mouldable foam pads to protect the contents.

• Outer containers made of corrugated cardboard should be sealed with three 5 cm wide strips of tape on the bottom and top of the cardboard and by forming the letter H with the tape.

ICECATCH® Solid Insulated

ICECATCH Solid Insulated is a self-insulating cooler with an integrated hydrophobic insulation layer. It is both simple and ingenious. The insulating layer prevents the cold radiation emitted by the pre-tempered Coolbrick at -18°C from lowering the product temperature below +2°C. At the same time, during melting, the cold accumulator releases the coolant at the temperature of +0°C. The cold envelops the insulation layer and keeps the product temperature between +2°C and +8°C.

Standard Dimensions
weight 1.100 g – mm. 280x190x30 – ICEACATCH® Solid Insulated 1100 g
weight 500 g – mm. 195x130x23 – ICEACATCH® Solid Insulated 500 g